What's New - 2016 Summer

Major updates

New user search page

We have expanded the search criteria for looking up customers and members in the system.  You can now search for users by membership type, person type, events participated in and events led.  This can help pinpoint customers who have taken a class to whom to market the next level.

Changes to liability waivers

Liability waivers can now be captured during the user sign up process instead of when purchasing a membership.  This gives you the ability to ensure all customers have signed waivers instead of just those who purchase a membership or sign up for an event.

For multi-location installations, this can be configurable on a location-by-location basis.  At this time there is no user interface to enable this feature, so email us at support@pinfirelabs.com if you want this turned on.  Please be sure to include the text for your liability waiver.

Pre-event emails

We have a new email template, "event reminder" that can be enabled to send out to event participants N days before an event.  These emails can be used to remind participants of gear to bring, forms to fill out, etc.  By default, we send out emails 2 days before an event.  Email us at support@pinfirelabs.com if you would prefer a different timeframe.

Minor updates

  • You can now adjust a user's person type or classifications from the user profile page.
  • We now have the ability to hide the participant count from the event list and event viewing page for those without admin access.  This is useful if you do not wish to publicize class participation.  Email us at support@pinfirelabs.com to enable this feature.
  • For custom fields you can now specify a "yes/no" field that will show radio buttons instead of a checkbox.  This is prefered when you want to make a user explicitly answer a question.
  • We now group reservations that are smaller than one calendar cell and/or overlap within a calendar cell in a special color so you can see there are multiple reservations present.
Overlap overlayOverlapping reservation dialog
  • We now cache the display of the open events list and events calendar for 30 seconds.  This allows for us to better handle large loads.  This is especially useful on certain nights when a whole club visits our site to sign up for lessons once a week.
  • We can now make the mailing address requirement for users optional.  Never plan on sending mailers?  Email us at support@pinfirelabs.com to flip this setting and let people sign up without providing a mailing address.
  • We can now show any custom user fields on event rosters.
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Legacy, imported events (those without subcategories) will now show on the events calendar.
    • Fixed the "membership by classification" report.
    • The events calendar will now properly show events that carry over from one month to the next.
    • Fix a crash when updating equipment if no custom fields are defined.
    • We now show a nice error instead of crashing if you have switched locations but try and view an equipment loan from another location.
    • Fixed a bug that caused general reports charts to not draw properly