How to set up a paid boat charter

Many clubs we work with offer paid boat charters.  At this time, we support this workflow through our events module.  You can use various features of the event module to handle the complete process for a boat charter.  What we will be doing is setting up an event for the pending reservation, then allowing the charterer to "sign up", confirming the contract, answering any questions (such as boating resume) and paying the deposit.

What we will be doing is creating an event which the charterer can sign up for that prompts them with the charter contract, (optional) boating resume and deposit payment.

We will start by visiting the create an event page.  On that page:

  • List the dates for the charter under schedule
  • Select a category.  We suggest setting up a special category for charters.
  • Set the number of participants to 1
    • For a multi-person charter where the crew will be splitting the costs, set this to the number of crew.
  • Set number of alternates to 0
  • Set visibility to "Open to sign up".  
    • If you wish to have these charters be hidden from your main events calendar for non-admins, contact us and we can set up a hidden visibility for you.
  • If the charterer is already a user in Club Manager, set them as the "event leader".  If not, leave it as your admin account for now and you can adjust it later, once they've signed up.
  • Under "Equipment" select the equipment the person will be chartering, as well as the corresponding usage (usually set up as Charter, but can be adjusted as you wish).
  • Set the description to whatever text you wish to describe the charter
  • Skip the "additional information prompt" box
  • Under liability waiver, you can put the text for the charter contract.  This will force the charterer to agree to the contract before confirming the reservation.
  • Check the "Paid event" checkbox

On the next page, we will set up the payment information for the charter.  On this page ("Update Payment Information"):

  • Set up a new "payment option" - "Charter"
  • Under "Charter", add 2 payments:
    • Deposit
      • Name - Deposit
      • Due Days Before Event - leave this blank to require this payment up-front
      • Only allow for sale in the Point of Sale... - leave this unchecked
      • Accounts - account and amount for the deposit
    • Balance
      • Name - Balance
      • Due Days Before Event - set this to 1 to make this due the day of the charter.  If you require full payment N days before the charter, set this to that value
      • Only allow for sale... - if you wish to have the charterer pay the balance ahead of time, leave this unchecked.  If they will be paying in person at the time of charter, check this box.
      • Accounts - account and amount for the deposit
  • If you wish to have multiple people splitting the cost of a charter, you would make the payment for AMOUNT / NUMBER OF CREW.  Then each crew could sign up and complete payment.

Once these payments are set up, the final step is acquire any additional information from the charterer you wish to collect.  A common example is a "Boating Resume".  We will use a "questionnaire" to set this up.  If you don't already have a questionnaire set up to collect this information, you can set one up by following these instructions.  Add that questionnaire as a "pre-event (signup) questionnaire" to this event and you can then require entry of this data during the charter signup.

Finally, you can also use our event questionnaire functionality to acquire a post-sail check-in list for the boat.  Simple create another questionnaire to inquire about boat condition and other questions and add it as a "post-event" questionnaire.  Depending on your company's workflow, you can either ask them to fill this out in the office (or on the boat via tablet) or once they get home.

Finally, when all is said and done, send a link to the new event to the charterer and instruct them to complete the sign up process and payment.  They will confirm the charter contract, answer the boating resume and pay their deposit.