How to manage Equipment Usages

Equipment usages are different categories that show up on the reservations calendar, checkouts and reports. They allow you to track the different reasons for equipment usage. To manage Equipment Usages, select "Equipment Usages" in the "Administration" tab.

The Manage Equipment Usages page allows you to update or delete current Equipment Usage options and create Equipment Usage by selecting the "Create Equipment Usage" option in the upper righthand side.

The Create Equipment Usage page allows you to name the option, select a color or select the sort (hierarchy).

Once you have created it, the Equipment Usage will appear in the Equipment Usages list.

To update the Equipment Usage option select the stylus icon on the far righthand side of the listing.

The Update Equipment Usage page allows you to rename the option, select a different color or select a different sort (hierarchy).

To delete the Equipment Usage optionfalseJIRA (, select the Trash icon on the far righthand side of its listing.