Club Manager Documentation

Welcome to the Pinfire Club Manager manual. Pinfire Club Manager allows you to navigate your organization's equipment checkouts, reservations, equipment maintenance, events calendar and much much more. There are five different levels of this manual, from the base of your organization to the very top of it. 

The first section, the End User Guide, covers the basic information required to maneuver the system: how to log in, how to change your password, how to reserve equipment, how to check out equipment, and other basic actions. Everyone should go over this guide, as everything a typical member needs to know can be found there. The Event Leader Manual covers information the end user may be familiar with, but shouldn't have to worry about: how to manage maintenance requests, how to handle members in their events, how to assign volunteer hours and more event/equipment related direction. The information in the Event Leader section only applies to those with the responsibilities of leading events, though there is some overlap with the Office Staff section. The Office Staff Guide covers more advanced information: how to manage events, how to handle payments, how to add memberships and more payment/membership related direction. Office Staff members have more control of the baser functions of the club manager system. The Administrator Guide covers the most advanced information: how to manage email lists, how to manage event categories, how to manage page announcements and more site related direction. The Advanced Administrator Guide covers the height of our club management software: how to manage accounts, how to manage maintenance priorities, how to manage ratings and system based direction. Many tasks in this guide will be handled by our support staff, but those with large organizations may want to handle them separately.

There's a lot of information here. Fortunately for you, each section includes a glossary and overview. Best of luck enjoying your outdoor activities, and if you have questions beyond this manual, contact