Club Manager Documentation

Welcome to the Pinfire Club Manager manual. Pinfire Club Manager allows you to navigate your organization's equipment checkouts, reservations, equipment maintenance, events calendar and much much more. There are five different levels of this manual, from the base of your organization to the very top of it. 

What's New - 2016 Fall

Major new features

Recurring memberships

We now support recurring memberships.  Your customers can now sign up and enter their credit card details once and we will automatically invoice them on a recurring interval.  We support billing on any number of weeks, months or years.

What's New - 2016 Summer

Major updates

New user search page

We have expanded the search criteria for looking up customers and members in the system.  You can now search for users by membership type, person type, events participated in and events led.  This can help pinpoint customers who have taken a class to whom to market the next level.

What's New - 2016 Spring

Major new features

Custom Fields

  • We now have the ability to store arbitrary, normalized information on a number of objects in the system including:
    • Customers
    • Events (and templates)
    • Equipment
    • Items for sale
    • Event registrations (via questionnaires, see below)
  • Some examples include:
    • Customers
      • Birth date
      • Allergy/medical information
      • ASA Member Number
    • Events
      • What to bring?
      • Location
    • Equip